Information to be uploaded by the Contractors on their company Websites   employee Details
[In respect of contractual employee/worker deployed by them at Sites/Projects (including employees/worker deployed by them through his sub-contractors if any)]
The following particulars/details must be uploaded by the contractors
S.No. Particulars/Details Description
1 Name/Address of Web site
2 Name of the contractor's Establishment FUTURE CARE FACILITY SERVICES PVT.LTD
3 Address of the Contractor (Registered Office) 4B/16, MUKTAI C.H.S.,DEVRATNA NAGAR,SWADESHI MILL ROAD, SION, CHUNABHATTI, MUMBAI-400 022.
4 Address of the Esstablishment / Branch office where contract workers are to be engaged ----
5 Nature of work for which contract workmen are to be employed HR AND BUSINESS SOLUTIONS
7 Date of start of Business 3RD JULY, 2009
8 Date of Initial agreement with the PE (Working since with PE) 1ST MAY-2012
9 Mobile No. of Contractor MR.MAHESH SHIRODKAR-8108179555, MR.DEEPAK DESHPANDE-8108179111
10 Email ID of Contractor  
11 Labour Licence No. of Contractor and valid upto N.A
12 Registration No. under the Registration Act, 1908 760103382/COMMERCIAL II  WARD L
13 Registration No. under Partnership Act, 1932 N.A
14 Registration No. under the Companies Act 1956 U93000MH2009PTC193800              2009-10
15 Registration No. under the Delhi Shops & Establishment Act, 1954 ----
16 Registration No. of Employee ESI Act. 1948 31000497310001001
17 Registration No. EPF and Misc. Provisions Act, 1952 MH/BAN/125850
18 Service Tax Registration No. AABCF3825CST001
19 Sale Tax Registration No. VAT NO.27260856800V  /  CST-27260856800C  
20 PAN Card No. AABCF3825C